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I’ve been speaking with a few tricopigmentation SMP clinics recently and what I find really refreshing is that the technicians that work in these clinics seem to really want to not only share but to also learn any and all new or different information there may be regarding how to perform the best tricopigmentation that is possible. This is really great because for years I’ve been used to the secretive and highly paranoid world of surgical hair restoration. It really is crazy just how much paranoia there really is when you spend enough time in the trenches like I have. When I told some of the technicians at these smp clinics what I was planning they were all extremely excited by the prospect of having a central gathering place for tricopigmentation technicians to come together and share the knowledge. This is just one of the reasons why I believe in tricopigmentation. There is more to this than the technology and the technique. I believe that, for the most part, having this option to permanent SMP clinics simply draws the kind of person that wants to do good. When you are using permanent SMP on a person’s scalp you are not doing the patient any favors. You are setting them up for potential misery and this is where permanent SMP mirrors the surgical hair restoration industry. I’ve seen it too much to not be able to recognize it immediately.

This is one of the reasons why I decided to start I’m responsible for the introduction of tricopigmentation into North America and I’m happy to see how some hair transplant surgery clinics have adopted it into their list of services. I realized however that I have a very unique opportunity in that I’m perfectly positioned to help guide this young industry in the right direction. What is unique is that all of the smp clinics that are and will be represented on this website are completely independent from one another as they are not a part of the same franchise or under the same ownership as some of the other SMP clinics out there. What they DO have in common however is the smp training and the tools and materials they have chosen to incorporate into their own clinics and THIS is what makes tricopigmentation so powerful. Each and every partner clinic has recognized the merits of tricopigmentation on their own, independently, and they all chose to go to the one single source for the technique and technology started by Beauty Medical. This speaks volumes about the technology itself and shows an established common ground between clinics and operators that can unite them all for the bettement of the industry.

Tricopigmentation as developed and refined by Beauty Medical and promoted by is the most popular licensed scalp micropigmentation option in the world with close to thirty tricopigmentation centres open and operating worldwide. As this website grows more of these centers will be listed to reflect the availabitly of tricopigmentation options in your area. Tricopigmentation is growing and it is coming to a city near you.


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