tricopigmentation smp training at TriAC™Why you should choose a Beauty Medical tricopigmentation partner clinic for your scalp micropigmentation procedure is simple. Beauty Medical tricopigmentation is designed to mimic hair. Period. No other system has been designed from from the ground up to offer the finest, most natural pigment based hair restoration system in the world. Tricopigmentation by Beauty Medical is different in that it is not simply a tattoo or ink delivery system modified to replicate hair. It is a completely customized system that is designed for replicating hair, and nothing else.

The Tricopigmentation System


This includes:

  • Custom needles – Beauty Medical tricopigmentation needles have been designed by German engineers over a span of five years. Even now, research and development continues to insure the most advanced needle designs are available for Beauty Medical partner clinics. These needles provide for the smallest dots which translates to the most accurate reproduction of scalp stubble. Other clinics that are competitors to Beauty Medical partner clinics make the same claims but the proof is in the results. You can compare for yourself.
  • Custom Mechanics – The machine used to drive and control the needles and the pigment delivery is completely customized inside and out. The current Beauty Medical Tricopigmentation machine is the result of a never ending research and development process. Beauty Medical never rests on it’s laurels and is always seeking ways to apply improvements to the machinery used to drive the Tricopigmentation system. Through continual support with our partner clinics new machines are available as updates to previous machines so each Beauty Medical partner clinic always has access to the most up to date equipment that is the culmination of years of refinement.
  • Software – The Beauty Medical Tricopigmentation machine is computer controlled so the software has to be well written and effciently executed to properly control the machine. This includes the speed of the needle oscillation and additional proprietary abilities that assist in delivering the most natural results possible, all controlled from custom software designed exclusively for the Beauty Medical tricopigmentation system.
  • Custom pigments – Beauty Medical has worked for years with the largest pigment manufacturer in the Europe to deliver custom pigments designed to Beauty Medical specifications. No other scalp micropigmentation company in the world has access to the custom pigments manufactured exclusively for Beauty Medical and it’s partner clinics. All pigments are manufactured to meet EU standards which are the most stringent pigment standards in the world. The standards and requirements for all dyes, inks and pigments manufactured in Europe can be found here in the European Union Database for Tattoo and Permanent Make Up.
  • Technique – What good is the best machinery, tools, and pigments in the world if you don’t know how to use it to it’s ultimate potential? Milena Lardi of Beauty Medical has years of experience creating the most natural hair replication results in the world and she has developed highly effective techniques for achieving such results on a consistent basis. This includes techniques for “filler” procedures to add density to thinning or transplanted scalps or to create the “shaved effect” for hair loss sufferers that have decided to shave their scalp and wish for stubble replication for the appearance of a full head of hair. This includes the exclusive Beauty Medical 3D Shaved Effect™ procedure developed by Milena Lardi for the most realistic and natural shaved scalp appearance possible.
  • Peace of Mind – Beauty Medical tricopigmentation is unique in that it is a temporary procedure that can last for up to two years. This allows for artistic modifications when and if necessary based on the ever changing trends in styling options that inevitably fluctuate over time. If a young patient has a strong, aggressive hairline created by a Beauty Medical partner clinic they can have it modified and altered to mimic natural recession when it fades to reflect the expected changes that occur as we age. You don’t want to be stuck with the hairline of a twenty year old when you are approaching an age where this is no longer natural. And because tricopigmentation is temporary there is no need for costly and painful laser removal sessions that can cause scarring and additional hair loss. The result will simply disappear over time with absolutely zero evidence that any tricopigmentation was performed to begin with. It just works!

With the above in mind, it is easy to see how  Beauty Medical tricopigmentation is not just another scalp micropigmentation system. Each component works together to produce the finest scalp micropigmentation results in the world.  No other SMP company can make similar legitimate claims regarding their approach to scalp micropigmentation. Regardless of what is said to describe any scalp micropigmentation system, it is ultimately the results that should help to determine what is right for you and in that regard we are highly confident that the results from Beauty Medical tricopigmentation, as performed by Beauty Medical partner clinics, will be enough to convince you. If this makes sense to you then find an SMP clinic near you that has passed the rigorous TriAC™ requirements for tricopigmentation excellence.

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