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Scalp micropigmentation is a fairly new alternative to surgical hair restoration, and even to using hair loss medications, with a very impressive rate of growth in popularity in the past few years. It is getting so popular in fact that, according to an article by the ISHRS, some hair restoration clinics are reporting that they are performing more scalp micropigmentation procedures than they are actual surgeries. This is a very exciting time to get involved . However, with this boom in popularity and new hair restoration clinics offering scalp micropigmentation there has been a mad dash to grab any degree of credibility with no real effort to set standards. There has been no reputable organization for training and no public SMP guidelines set forth for quality of care and ethics. The number of different options for learning how to perform scalp micropigmentation are limited to permanent SMP companies only and most are using techniques and pigments that are dated and inferior. This lack of standards in training, materials and ethical quality of care have led to a return to the days of the wild west.


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milena lardi scalp micropigmentation specialist

Milena Lardi personally trains every beauty medical partner clinic in Milan, Italy or their home clinic. and Beauty Medical S.R.L. want to change this. The first step is the creation of TriAC™, Tricopigmentation Academy, established by Milena Lardi and Beauty Medical S.R.L. in Milan, Italy. Milena Lardi has twenty years of micropigmentation experience and has been developing and refining tricopigmentation (scalp micropigmentation) for over ten years. Now you can receive full tricopigmentation training as developed by Milena Lardi through TriAC™. The TriAC™ Tricopigmentation Academy standards require that each and every tricopigmentation technician will be personally trained by Milena Lardi either in Milan, Italy at the TriAC™ headquarters or at the technician’s clinic in their own country of residence. This is to make sure that each technician has had the exact same training as every other tricopigmentation technician as this keeps standards high and techniques consistent. No other scalp micropigmentation training program has such strict requirements for quality.


smp training beauty medical milan italy

Alessandro Lardi teaching a course at TRiAC™ Tricopigmentation Academy.


There are two options for training under Beauty Medical for tricopigmentation. The first option is to travel to Milan, Italy and to train in TriAC™ with Milena Lardi and the staff. Here you will have intensive hands on as well as academic studies relating to tricopigmentation and the theories behind it’s application. Live patients are used for demonstration purposes so students are able to see real world applications that showcase the theories being taught.




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As part of the training package with TriAC™ trainee clinics receive one tricopigmentation machine and a supply of tricopigmentation materials. The machine is a specially designed fifth generation tricopigmentation machine that is hand built in Europe to exacting specifications. The supplies that come with the training package include specially engineered tricopigmentation delivery needles and Beauty Medical specific pigments. All pigments in use by Beauty Medical and Beauty Medical partner clinics are cleared and certified by the European Union to be carcinogenic and mutagenic free as required by Directive76/768/EEC, AnnexII, AnnexIV in the EU ResAP Resolution in 2008.




smp training machinesmp training machine




Once training is completed and the technician or doctor has been certified as having a sufficient understanding and aptitude for tricopigmentation according to Beauty Medical standards they will eventually be eligible for membership and listing with wishes to help elevate the field of scalp micropigmentation by fostering communication and sharing among all tricopigmentation companies that are surgically based. This will be accomplished through the use of a private forum accessible only to Beauty Medical partner clinics. Tricopigmentation practitioners can share tips and tricks as well as present case studies for the greater education of all members. This will help to further improve tricopigmentation as a treatment and to set a higher quality of care for patients. aims to unite tricopigmentation clinics in order to educate the consumer and maintain standards of openess, sharing, transparency andquality.


SMP Training FAQ


– Who can apply? Only doctors or clinical staff from surgical hair restoration clinics worldwide. This is to help keep standards high by insuring the new trainees are not completely new to the concept of hair restoration. Doctors and clinical staff are already used to working with patient scalps and have a familiarity with hairlines and how hair in general is supposed to look and feel. This gives a unique and powerful advantage to tricopigmentation clinics over the competition and helps to foster a higher quality product.

– Does smp training guarantee certification? No. Milena Lardi and TriAC™ have high standards for training in tricopigmentation and if after sufficient training has been given the trainee still cannot pass the exercises designed to test tricopigmentation aptitude then certification will not be granted. Further smp training is available to gain the knowledge necessary to become certified.

– Does Beauty Medical provide after training support? Beauty Medical has support packages available to make sure you are well taken care of with regards to technical support as well as tools and materials support.

– Does certification guarantee membership on No. is a separate entity from Beauty Medical and TriAC™. has specific requirements for membership. This has to do mainly with clinical ethics and observed marketing practices seen in the hair transplant surgery domain. works closely with TriAC™ to ensure that only clinics that have met basic guidelines are admitted to the TriAC™ training program.

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