Let’s face it. The background information is fine. You know that tricopigmentation is the safest and most natural SMP procedure available. What you really want to know is how does it look? Here is where you can find what really matters to you. Here you’ll see various photos of results from different partner SMP Clinics from around the world. Different SMP clinics will have different SMP results but the one thing they all have in common is that the result is one that can change as the client’s tastes change. Lifestyle, fashion, age, they all become influences on how we choose to wear our hair and what type of hairline looks and feels appropriate. No one should be locked into one style because no style lasts forever.

SMP Clinic Photos

scalp micropigmentation tricopigmentation

The home of Tricopigmentation

Beauty Medical, the original tricopigmentation specialists. All tricopigmentation SMP clinics listed on SMPClinics.com have been trained by the founder, Milena Lardi and her team. They started the phenomenon that is spreading through the hair restoration industry.

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Prohair Clinic in Belgium is the first tricopigmenation SMP clinic in Belgium and one of the first to train in the technique. They stay in close contact with Beauty Medical to keep their knowledge current with teh latest developements in tricopigmentation.

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smp clinics new york

Ahead Ink, formerly known as “SMPLooks”, is the first SMP clinic in New York dedicated exclusively to tricopigmentation as developed by Beauty Medical. Some of the most dedicated tricopigmentation specialists work at this SMP clinic in New York.

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SMP Clinic in Australia is the first tricopigmentation company in the country and no one in Australia has more experience with tricopigmentation than SMP Clinic. They have a large gallery of results and a sincere dedication to the craft.

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