seeks to improve the field of scalp micropigmentation through education and transparency. This has led to the creation of a simple but important list of smp clinic guidelines for each Tricopigmentation™ clinic to adopt. Tricopigmentation™ clinics already have an innate understanding that no client should regret a decision that affects their cosmetic or overall health well being. That is why they have adopted the proven Beauty Medical system of Tricopigmentation™ scalp micropigmentation. This SMP system is non-permanent, hypo-allergenic and is manufactured to the highest standards in the world as set forth and outlined by the European Union.

Member clinics on all use the Tricopigmentation system by Beauty Medical. shares in the same philosophy that no patient should have to endure the possible consequences of having mistakes made with permanent scalp micropigmentation. There are just too many things that can go wrong. Below are general guidelines that member clinics are asked to adhere to.  These guidelines will help insure quality and maintain consistency amongst participating clinics and help further the field of SMP.

SMP Clinic Guidelines

  1. NoTricopigmentation™ clinic will make unrealistic claims about the procedure. Many times when patients are researching their scalp micropigmentation options they are hit with a barrage of misleading claims that simply are not true. Scalp micropigmentation is not for everyone and many situations will arise that will prevent a patient from being a candidate for the procedure.
  2. No clinic will make promises about longevity. The number one problem common with all permanent scalp micropigmentation companies is that they can’t tell you how long it takes before you need a “touch up” and they always downplay just what a touch up involves. Tricopigmentation™ however is different, in that it is designed to fade and disappear in about two years. However, this is not a promise of performance by Beauty Medical so no clinic that performs Tricopigmentation™ should be making such claims. Tricopigmentation™ can laast for up to two years and in many cases it does but there are also cases where it does not last quite as long. Various factors can and do influence the longevity of Tricopigmentation™
  3. No clinic will make statements about the procedure that apply to every client. Many permanent scalp micropigmentation companies will make blanket statements about the quality of the work being done and how everyone is a candidate for the procedure. This is not accurate and has led many permanent SMP clients to require corrective, painful and expensive laser treatments to remove the unwanted procedure.

Factors that may influence the end results may include:

  • Physical activity
  • Skin type
  • Amount of pre-existing scar formation
  • Use of topical hair loss medications such as minoxidil
  • Sun exposure


All of the above have a direct impact on the appearance and longevity of Tricopigmentation as it does for all permanent scalp micropigmentation. In fact, there is no such thing as truly permanent scalp micropigmentation because eventually every type of procedure will fade and need continual maintenance.

  1. NoTricopigmentation™ clinic will denigrate another Tricopigmentation™ clinic. The permanent SMP industry is highly competitive and cut throat.  This has created a lot of dishonest advertising as well as unwarranted criticism amongst clinics. Everyone is “the pioneer” of scalp micropigmentation and everyone is “the best” when applying scalp micropigmentation. Obviously this is not true but it represents a fundamental problem that permeates the entire hair restoration industry as a whole. is different however in that there is no back stabbing, infighting or claims of being “pioneers” as each Tricopigmentation™ clinic recognizes and acknowledges that Beauty Medical of Milan Italy are the originators of Tricopigmentation™. Each clinic has learned the exact same techniques and they use the exact same equipment. All this can leave are the small differences in what is interpreted as being natural and this of course is in the eye of the beholder, the client. A unified scalp micropigmentation community is a healthy community and Tricopigmentation™ clinics work with each other through the use of a private discussion forum where technicians from around the world participate in Q&A sessions to share their own experiences and tips and tricks. Each member can also participate in worldwide video instruction for continual Tricopigmentation education with Milena Lardi, the original Tricopigmentation™ artist.
  2. Each clinic will present information about material ingredients to any client (in the clinic) that asks. This keeps in line with EU law regarding pigments as of 2008 and should be carried out regardless of geographic location in keeping with good clinic practices. Transparency of material ingredients and explanation of procedures to any client that inquires is the only way to maintain trust of the client. Permanent SMP companies cannot present this type of information because many times they work on the idea that their ink and technology are top secret and only authorized personel are allowed to know the “secret sauce”. The truth is that many permanent inks are made in China where the manufacturing standards are far below those of most developed nations. The ingredients are questionable and there is no way to verify their authenticity, much less their safety.


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