Prohair Clinic near Antwerp, Belgium first trained in tricopigmentation in 2012. Since that time they have become one of the dominant scalp micropigmentation clinics in Belgium. Easily accessible to all areas of Northern Europe and the UK, Prohair Clinic works to maintain the high quality and standards required to be a Beauty Medical partner clinic. With training completed before the establishment of TriAC™ Tricopigmenation Academy (2014) Prohair received certification into the program due to their established high standards and dedication to continued education.

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Ilse, a TriAC™ certified tricopigmentation specialist, performing SMP “thickening effect” on a new patient.



Temporary scalp micropigmentation (SMP), also known as “tricopigmentation”, is a non-surgical treatment which uses the latest technology to create the appearance of a full head of shaven hair on the scalp. Tattoo ink is not used as the pigments are specifically design to last for up to two years before they completely disappear. This ink is hypoallergenic (no allergic reactions) and is absorbed by the immune system without any known side effects. Temporary scalp micropigmentation in Belgium is ideal for patients looking to achieve near visual full density to thinning hair. There is no need for maintenance on a daily or weekly basis as the treatment can last up to 1 to 2 years before additional refresher procedures are necessary. As touchup procedures become necessary adjustments can be made to the overall result to reflect changing trends in fashion and to ensure a natural appearance as the patient continues to grow older. These are just some of the benefits of tricopigmentation.


Sabine, a TriAC™ trained and certified tricopigmentation specialist perform SMP on a patient.

Sabine, a TriAC™ trained and certified tricopigmentation specialist perform SMP on a patient.



Prohair Clinic SMP technicians have more experience performing tricopigmentation than any other clinci in Norther Europe. Through their specialized training at TriAC™ tricopigmentation academy in Milan, Itlay they have performed the highest quality scalp micropigmentation available to create fantastic “shaved effect” results as well “hair thickening” results for hundreds of men and women from the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain etc. Part of their excellence stems from having years of experience working in the surgical hair restoration field of FUE for over ten years. This is why tricopigmentation specialists the world over have the best results in the industry, because tricopigmentation is performed mainly by hair transplant clinics and those with hair transplant experience.


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Sabine, Prohair technician and TriAC™ certified tricopigmentation specialist.


SMP clinics need to have precision and dedication in their technicians. Prohair clinic has dedicated technicans, Ilse and Sabine, for the art of tricopigmentation and through the SMPClinics.com forum Ilse and Sabine contribute their knowledge and experience with other clinics and they listen to input offered by other technicians. This helps everyone in the end as it improves the understanding for other clinics and this in turn improves the SMP results for the patients. By giving Ilse and Sabine a platform for this information sharing SMPClinics.com is helping to improve SMP standards worldwide. Ilse, Sabine and the entire team at Prohair Clinic in Belgium will work hard to ensure that you have not only a great result but a great experience overall. If you need tricopigmentation for the “thickening effect” to give your thinning hair a fuller appearanceace and the look of higher density or if you are a head shaver looking for the appearance of a full head of hair, Isle and Sabine from Prohair Clinic can help.


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The entire team at Prohair Clinic in Belgium work hard to make sure you are completely comfortable during your stay. Ilse and Sabine understand that your visit for your SMP hair restoration with Prohair Clinic is but one of many visits because they will work with you to understand the full potential of your result. Ilse and Sabine believe in establishing relationships with their patients because hair loss affects so much more than your appearance. It affects your confidence, your style and your outlook on life and Sabinea and Ilse will use their vast experience to help you incorporate Prohair Clinic tricopigmentation into your every day life for your full and ultimate potential.


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SMP patients at Prohair Clinic are fully attended to, with entertainment options, lunch, and refreshements.


The amount of time it takes to undergo a quality scalp micropgimentation procedure varies depending on the type of SMP procedure you have. Hair thickening SMP procedures tend to take longer periods time time compared to shaved effect SMP procedures but all procedures will take at least a few hours to complete. To help patients pass the time Prohair Clinic has set up a comfortable video viewing environment in which patients can watch movies or television to help the procedure pass more quickly. Refreshments are also provided and of course the entire staff at Prohair clinic will do everything they can to make the entire procedure as comfortable as possible. While the result is the most important part of any scalp micropigmentation procedure Prohair Clinic understands that the overall experience is important as well.




Skype-logo-Feb_2012_RGB_250Prohair Clinic offers consultations for scalp micropigmentation via Skype. This is a very convenient option available for patients in other parts of Belgium, Northern Europe, the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world when coming in for face to face consultation is not possible. In Belgium call 0032 3 899 19 16 to set up an appointment. Outside of Belgium email [email protected]clinic.com. Skyp consultations are available in English, German, Dutch and French. Don’t have Skype? : Download Skype (free)


Prohair Tricopigmenttion Gallery

These are but a sampling of the results that can be achieved when you visit one of the best smp clinics in Belgium. More results can be found in the Prohair SMP results gallery.

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