There are several Houston SMP clinics currently operating but until now none of the Houston SMP clinics have offered tricopigmentation. Now, we are excited to welcome our first tricopigmentation clinic in Texas, Arocha Hair Restoration of Houston. Arocha Hair Restoration and Dr. Bernard Arocha have been known for many years as one of the premiere hair restoration clinics in North America. Dr. Arocha has gained an impressive reputation for natural hairline reconstruction and complete overall transformations that few in the industry can match. Dr. Arocha and the team at Arocha Hair Restoration are also one of the few clinics in the entire country that specialize in “no-shave” hair restoration using both the FUSS (follicular unit strip surgery) technique as well as the FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique.

Arocha Hair Restoration investigated the current Houston SMP clinics in their area to determine how they wanted to get involved in this aspect of the hair restoration field. After considering their options they decided on the technique pioneered by Milena Lardi and Beauty Medical of Milan, Itlay, tricopigmentation. Dr. Arocha and his assistant Alexander scheduled their trip and flew to Milan to be trained by Milena Lardi personally to insure they got the best training possible for their new Houston SMP clinic. When it comes to Houston SMP clinics there are several options but Dr. Arocha feels that tricopigmentation is the best option when considering Houston SMP clinics.

Houston SMP Clinics

Arocha Hair Restoration encourages patients considering scalp micro pigmentation in Houston to really take the time necessary to understand the pros and cons of their scalp micropigmentation options in Texas. There are several permanent SMP clinics in Texas but Dr. Arocha feels that it is to the patient’s benefit to have a less permanent option so that the chances of color change over time are eliminated. Further, this allows the patient the freedom of not being stuck with one design for life as the fading nature of tricopigmentation allows the patient to have options as they continue to age. They may decide they want a hairline change after a few years or they may even decide they no longer wish to have any sort of scalp micro pigmentation at all. Tricopigmentation, as developed by Beauty Medical, is the only option that gives patients this freedom as other Houston SMP clinics cannot offer this technique.

Texas SMP clinics are becoming more common as the SMP industry overall continues to grow. The good news is that wherever you are in Texas, your scalp micropigmentation options are getting better. If you are searching for Dallas SMP clinics, Austin SMP clinics or San Antonio SMP clinics you can also consider Arocha Hair Restoration as they travel to one of these cities near you.

If you are searching for Texas SMP clinics and in particular Houston SMP clinics, your options just improved. Contact Arocha Hair Restoration for your complimentary scalp micropigmentation consultation today.

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