This is the inaugural post of My first blog post is going to tell you a little bit about me and the purpose of this website. It will go beyond the typical “about” section. First, I will state here and elsewhere on this website, that this in no way is an unbiased website when it comes to scalp micropigmentation and the information contained herein. The reason is because I have very specific beliefs from the world of surgical hair transplantation that I wish to carry over to the world of scalp micropigmentation.



Those beliefs center around two key components:

  1. Patient Safety
  2. Clinical honesty

Patient safety is a big deal to me. I come from a very long history in the surgical hair restoration world as you can see on my website, The whole story is there but to summarize, in 1993 I had two surgeries that were very bad and because I did not have the prescription medication Propecia available at that time so I continued to lose hair and my pluggy, badly constructed hairline eventually became exposed due to continued hair loss and I wound up completely bald with only the pluggy hairline remaining. I was looking pretty silly. I finally found surgical redemption with Dr. Jerry Wong in Vancouver, BC and I eventually went to work for him and his partner. Later I made the decision to work for Dr. Rahal of Ottawa, Canada but after much soul searching I decided that it was time I take my ideas for how this industry should treat patients and try to make these changes on my own. I couldn’t do what I wanted to do while working for one clinic. After over a decade of working in the industry, I’ve gone independent, maybe even “rogue”, but the point is that I am free to share what I have learned and what I have experienced and I can and will impart upon you, the hair loss sufferer, with my knowledge and insight.

The clinic honesty issue is another big deal for me. As I learn more about the SMP industry I learn that it is just as dirty as the surgical hair restoration side of things, if not more so. There are some good guys but there are a lot of bad guys, probably much more so in scalp micropigmentation than on the surgical side of things because the surgical field has had a lot more exposure to the public and as an industry it is much more mature. The good have been filtered from the bad, so to speak, and consumers have helped with this through their research and sharing. SMP however is still a very new industry that has only started to really grow starting around 2012.

This is why I wanted to get involved more deeply by starting It is a young industry and I’m hoping that I can have a positive influence on how the procedure is viewed and how those that perform the procedure conduct themselves, all in the interest of ensuring transparency and honesty in marketing for the patient. Too many promises are made with too few successes to match and I think this is wrong. This site will be growing with more and more clinics that use tricopigmentation as developed by Beauty Medical. I will not at this time be working with SMP clinics that use permanent pigments because I simply do not believe the decision to have permanent SMP is a rational one. Nothing makes sense about the procedure nor the claims made to support it and the clinics themselves are not being upfront with their clients about the reality of permanent SMP.

Stay tuned. There is some crazy stuff coming your way!

Joe Tillman

The original Hair Translant Mentor™




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