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Triac-smpclinics-logoIt’s official. After first discovering Beauty Medial in Milan, Itlay in 2012 and talking about their technique extensively in the online hair restoration world I have made my relationship with Beauty Medical official. I am now the B2B representative for Beauty Medical with a focus on recruiting and working with surgical hair restoration centers worldwide for the purpose of expanding the reach of tricopigmentation.

SMP Training For Hair Transplant Clinics

Tricopigmentation is the unique scalp micropigmenation procedure that is non-permanent and offers patients the ability to refresh their look with different hairline designs as trends and styles change but also to maintain a natural appearance with age. Tricopigmentation is a common sense alternative to traditional permanent scalp micropigmentation methods that can leave unnatural results due to color change and pigment migration in the skin. There is no danger of having the dreaded “helmet head” result that can be seen from changes that occur with time. Because traditional SMP methods do not disappear the required “touch ups” advertised as necessary every few years can lead to a confluence of pigment which eventually looks unnatural.

smp training

Joe Tillman and Giorgio Otellini of Beauty Medical

Through TriAC™ Tricopigmentation Academy in Milan, Italy surgical hair restoration doctors and staff members can receive expert SMP training with Milena Lardi, the founder and originator of tricopigmentation. Options include SMP training in house at TriAC™ Tricopigmenation academy or SMP training in a clinic’s native country. Either option allows for SMP training in both theory and practical applications for the purpose of recreating the most natural looking results possible. SMP training covers both the “shaved effect” procedure designed to mimic hair stubble on a shaven scalp as well as the “thickeing effect” procedure designed to add the appearance of fullness and density to longer hair styles.

Interested hair restoration centers worldwide are welcome to contact me, Joe Tillman, by visiting the following link and filling out the contact form.

TriAC™ Training Inquiry Contact Form


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