scalp micropigmentation clinics lack consistency

scalp micropigmentation clinics lack consistencyScalp micropigmentation is an exciting field. It’s only been gaining steam for the past few years and I can’t help but think that it is because of my introduction of Beauty Medical’s tricopigmentation technique when I was on air with Spencer Kobren on the bald truth in March, 2012. The interesting part about this is that scalp micropigmentation clinics weren’t really marketing very much or at least not to the level they are today. Now, you can’t NOT see ads for scalp micropigmentation clinics when you are searching online for anything related to hair loss and the funny part is that those same companies that only offered permanent SMP for years, and would even go so far as to address the use of tricopigmentation as “inferior” and even try to say that tricopigmentation is more difficult to remove via laser, you now see them advertising THEIR OWN version of temporary scalp micropigmentation because of their own “research and development”. The excuse is that there has been an increase in the number of patients asking for a temporary option. Had tricopigmentation not come onto the scene in 2012, no one would be offering this procedure.

The point of this post doesn’t have to do so much with the why permanent scalp micropigmentation clinics now offer temporary options but rather the HOW they are offering temporary options. This is where the issue of standards come in. Have they developed their own version of temporary pigment or are they using rebranded off the shelp solutions like what is used for lips and eyebrows? How have they adapted their machines for the use of temporary SMP? The quality and longevity of temporary SMP rely on the machines, the inks, the needles, the software used to run the machine just as much as it does on the pigments themselves. What I’m getting at is that the temporary SMP options you may be seeing offered by predominantly permanent scalp micropigmentation clinics is a knee jerk reaction to tricopigmentation by Beauty Medical and to offer a true solution that is comparable they would have to retool their entire operations. I’m talking about standards, people.

Suddenly offering temporary SMP options in permanent scalp micropigmentation clinics is like slapping a turbo on the engine of a production car to keep up with the competitors. You can’t just add a turbo. You have to add an intercooler, bigger injectors, maybe a secondary fuel pump to feed these new injectors, stronger rods, , lower compression pistons and even a stronger clutch for the transmission. Everything must work in harmony and changing one piece of the puzzle doesn’t change the puzzle itself. If you add a turbocharger only your engine will eventually, sooner rather than later, detonate.

It all comes down to wanting to provide the best and most reliable product possible. When you have a system designed from the ground up to accomplish one goal you can expect a consistent rate of success and reliability. That is what makes tricopigmentation, and the clinics that utilize it, such a better SMP alternative to the permanent scalp micropigmentation clinics. The training is stardardized because each technician around the world has been trained and certified by Milena Lardi and her staff at TriAC™. Everyone has access to TriAC™ after their traning and through they have a direct stream for continuing education courses so they can stay on top of the latest developments and improvements to the procedures available with tricopigmentation. You have to understand, there are standards in the field of scalp micropigmentation and it is every clinic fighting to be known as “the pioneers” or “the best” at SMP. With tricopigmentation, there is a standardization through consistency. With thirty surgical clinics worldwide trained by TriAC™ it makes Beauty Medical tricopigmenation the most widely used and accepted form of scalp micropigmentation in the entire world. With more clinics adopting tricopigmentation and the new alliance with this will only continue to be the case. Partner SMP Clinics
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