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smp clinic belgiumThe second video of my trip to Prohair SMP Clinic Belgium is finally finished and uploaded. In the first video you got to see what it’s like to travel to Belgium, if you are so inclined, and there was a short view of the town where you will find Prohair SMP Clinic Belgium. In this video I sit down with Bart, the manager at Prohair, to discuss the reasons why Prohair SMP Clinic Belgium decided to integrate Beauty Medical tricopigmentation into their surgical practice.

Why SMP Clinic Belgium?


What Bart says in this interview echos my thoughts on the subject and the thoughts of many other hair transplant clinics that have also intergrated tricopigmentation into their menu of offerings. Many times a patient will come in for surgical hair restoration and they won’t be a candidate for a multitude of reasons. Tricopigmentation can help in that those that have not lost enough hair to justify surgery can opt for the thickeing effect tricopigmentation procedure. This can and does work very well when it comes to adding that boost of density that so many men, and women, seek to improve their appearance. Because tricopigmentation is semi-permanent it does not wash off or smudge on pillows like the traditional daily wear alternatives and because it vanishes in up to two years the patients have options for how they wish to apply the procedure in the future.

For those seeking surgery that simply do not have enough donor hair to reach a cosmetically worthwhile result tricopigmentation excels at giving the appearance of a full head of shaven hair. This is the strong suit of tricopigmentation in that it can offer results that no other procedure can come close to. The difference that tricopigmentation can create is sometimes jaw dropping, and I’ve seen enough cases in person to know this is true. When the dots are small enough, the density is high enough and the native hair is kept short enough then no one will ever notice anything out of the ordinary and they will simply assume, subconciously, that you have a full head of hair. I’ve never been able to say that to my surgical patients over the years so that is one reason why I really like tricopigmentation. Prohair clinic agrees and they have used tricopigmentation as an adjunct to their FUE surgical offerings enough to know.

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