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All I can say is “WOW!” I was REALLY tired from a recent trip I took. Why? Because I hit three countries in twelve days carrying a backpack full of about 30lbs. of camera gear and I shot all my video, adjusted the settings and “performed” by myself. I have a new respect for videographers for sure but one thing I’m really happy about is that I got some great footage.

My First SMP Clinic Visit


micro-haar-pigmentatie-belgiumMy first stop was in Heist op den Berg, Belgium at Prohair SMP Clinic. Prohair has been known for their quality FUE work for the past ten years. The team at Prohair have been churning out some really nice FUE hair transplant results for local and international patients and their desire to offer quality service as well as legitimate options for their clients led them to tricopigmentation.

Prohair clinic first discovered tricopigmentation, and Beauty Medical, in mid-2012 not long after I too discovered Beauty Medical and started blabbing about it all over the follicular interwebs. After some initial investigation Prohair decided to send two technicians to Milan for training with Milena Lardi and since then they have enjoyed a close relationship with Milena and the team at Beauty Medical SMP Clinic. They are usually among the first clinics to take advantage of updates and changes to the tricopigmentation technique as well as any new improvements made to the machinery use to administer the treatment. Since then Prohair has invested a lot of time and resources into perfecting their own tricopigmentation results and from what I have seen, and you will see too, the return on their investment is paying off fantastically.

smp clinic BelgiumBelow is the first video in a series that I recorded during my trip to Belgium to see Prohair SMP clinic. This is simply a video showing my travel and it is only shared to give those that wish to travel an idea of what it is like to do so but I also share some of my thoughts about the procedure in general. Stay tuned to however because I’ve got several more videos of my visit to Prohair SMP clinic to share. You’ll see interviews with two patients. One is a “thickening effect” patient fresh from his procedure. The second is “Kenny” before his first “shaved effect” procedure and then immediately after his second pass the next day. I’ve also got an interview with Bart and then finally with Ilsa, the lead SMP tricopigmentation technician with Prohair SMP clinic. You’ll get to see her in action as well as get an idea of how she approaches the craft and her thoughts on what it means for patients to have this procedure.


Prohair SMP Clinic Belgium, The First Interview
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