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A while ago I was contacted by “James”. He said we had a mutual friend and wanted to know more about SMP and the options that were available to him. James had had hair transplant surgery in the past but it didn’t quite work out for him the way he had hoped, which is not unusual. He then switched to wearing a hair system and had settled in on this reality and went through life for many years like this. I never saw James’s hair system but from what he described it was a very full and thick system that gave him the appearance of high density and full coverage. The problem was that he felt he was getting older and that the system no longer suited his age so he wanted to know more about scalp-micropigmentation.

James asked me about various scalp-micropigmentation companies and I told him my honest opinion of each, if I had one to begin with, because some of the companies he mentioned were not familiar to me. Regardless, at the end of our conversation I told him to just give Erik at Ahead Ink a call and see what they could come up with. This is what James did. After a lot of thought and consideration James decided to pull the trigger and go for the full on “shaved look” scalp micropigmentation treatment with Erik and Ahead Ink in New York. The thing about Erik and his SMP procedure is that it is tricopigmentation from Italy. Erik was trained in Milan, Italy at Beauty Medical by world famous scalp-micropigmentation specialist Milena Lardi. By using her technique known as tricopigmentation James is not stuck with one design that he may wind up wanting to change in the future. James has the freedom to modify his design as his tastes change with age. Below you can see some of the final images of James after his tricopigmenation SMP procedure by Ahead Ink.



Since the final result has been achieved James has admitted that he feels a lot better about himself which is common with successful hair restoration procedures, surgical or non-surgical.

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