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permanent smp clinicsAfter being in the surgical hair restoration field for over a decade I was pretty certain that there weren’t any industries or professions that were much worse than hair. Turns out I was right, but scalp micropigmentation  is potentially worse than surgical hair restoration in that there is much less information online to sift through. This makes it more difficult to know what is true and what is not so true.

What I have found during my experience with scalp micropigmentation is that the industry itself is incredibly fragmented. Every company you find is a pioneer in the field, much like you’ll find in the surgical hair restoration side of things, but because the beginnings of scalp micropigmentation is so vague and murky there is no real way to verify such claims. But here is the biggest fact in this regard; it doesn’t matter who was the first or who was a pioneer. Why? Because being the first in scalp micropigmentation means that the early patients were guinea pigs for how to get it right. This means that there are a comparatively large number of men, and maybe women, with large permanent dots on their scalps that had to be removed via laser, hopefully without too much trouble. As it goes, laser removal is not an easy solution to SMP regrets or screw ups.

I compare the early days of scalp micropigmentation to the early days of hair transplant surgery. If you have gone to a doctor that says he’s been performing hair restoration for thirty years, he used to do plug surgery. It’s the same difference. Both procedures require refinement and detail carried out on many guinea pigs over the years. This is also similar to the way  that body hair was being used in the early 2000’s but the results were not as dramatically and cosmetically destructive as plugs or early SMP but you get the point. In many cases, being “the first” in either scenario is not necessarily something to brag about.

The message I want to push with this website is one of caution. You need to be careful with the claims you are reading and hearing about with regards to scalp micropigmentation. Even if they offer tricopigmentation by Beauty Medical, which I consider to the be only real solution to consider, you need to listen and learn what is real and what is fantasy. This website will help you with this issue.



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