is a portal website designed to help you find only those scalp micropigmentation clinics using the greatest and latest technology with the highest quality of training. Currently, that means only clinics trained and certified in the Beauty Medical system of tricopigmentation under Milena Lardi are listed.   Remember Tricopigmentation aka non-permanent Scalp Micropigmentation is the most natural and safest form available, worldwide. is also a central meeting portal for partner clinics of Beauty Medical S.R.L. in Milan, Italy. Participating members of means that the clinic has been trained and certified in tricopigmentation by Milena Lardi of Beauty Medical.  It also means each clinic has met the standards and guidelines for proper conduct.  This will help maintain a level of consistency and excellence amongst all affiliated clinics worldwide.  A private forum on this site for member clinics will help them share information and technique advice to help advance the art and science of Beauty Medical tricopigmentation. forum is also the exclusive portal in which to receive continuous technique updates directly from Milena Lardi via a dedicated Q&A section and live video streaming training sessions. The forum is a closed forum and therefore not open to the general public.  There may be a public forum in the future as interest and demand in Tricopimentation increases.

Noteworthy, all SMP clinics listed on are affiliated with,  managed by, or in some cases exist inside of surgical hair restoration clinics.  This creates higher standards and a better understanding of what looks natural and cosmetically appropriate for their clients.  This greater understanding of what looks natural because of their expertise in the world of hair restoration is what separates these technicians from a typical tattoo artist working in a conventional SMP clinic.


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